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Lantic Developments are able to provide a complete array of services for anyone wanting to undertake property development. We are able to manage the entire process from either pre or post planning approval.

Design Buildability Assessment

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If we are involved at an early enough stage in the process, we are able to advise clients on the practicality of their proposal. In essence how deliverable will it be. All too often designs go through planning process only to pose indeterminate problems on site, increasing cost and delays whilst solutions are sought.

Liaison with Planners and Building Control

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We work in conjunction with planners and building control officers to ensure all appropriate and necessary conditions are discharged and that all required inspections take place, this includes working with warranty providers such as NHBC.

Project Financial Appraisal

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From concept onward, our qualified accounts staff and senior surveyors, all of whom have main stream major developer experience, are able to appraise schemes to give varying levels of visibility needed on the financial requirements that the scheme will present.

Programming Development Works

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With experience in programming a variety of schemes and product types, we are able to provide programmes from scheme stage onward.

Tendering Works

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Our time served industry expert surveyors will take the finalised drawings and issue them out to tender as either a complete package or individual trade packages.

Analysing Tenders

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Returned tenders will be scrutinised for additions and omissions, ensuring that selected contractors are offering accurate, competitive and fair prices. Decisions to appoint however, should not be made on price alone, but consideration should be given to quality of delivery and additionally the tenderers safety record. Appointing someone who has a poor safety record could leave you as client exposed in the event of an accident on your development.

Appointing Contractors

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Once an agreed list of contractors has been given the final approval by you the client, the contractors will be appointed and asked to attend pre start meetings where we will outline the standards we expect them to work to, whilst reviewing programmes and the on site constraints that may be faced.

Material Orders

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We will undertake a full take off from the final design and ensure that the materials you have specified are secured at the lowest price possible, whilst ensuring quality and availability are not compromised.


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Once all tenders are back and orders placed, we will be able to provide you with a budget for your scheme based upon the reality of let contracts. This budget will be monitored and monthly valuations will allow for cost to complete reports to be provided identifying for you any experienced or foreseen variances should they occur.

Cash Forecast

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Cash is king in any development situation and knowing your cash obligations at every stage is of paramount importance. We are able to provide you with forecasts that will allow you to make the important decisions at every stage.

Cash Flow

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The other side of the Coin to the Forecast, showing where your cash has gone.

Health and Safety Plan

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As client of the development, you will have a requirement to ensure a health and safety plan is produced. This is something we are able to create and compile on your behalf.

Site Management

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Overseeing the development on your behalf. Should you choose to appoint a main contractor to carry out the works, we would expect to work with them to protect your interests in the development.



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